Work Health and Safety compliance in the cloud

We built Certify for the construction industry. We saw the duplication of effort across the industry and the huge cost of complying with WHS regulations; and the never ending paperwork.

Certify changes everything. If a contractor is registered with Certify, they can start work with any builder straight away.

As a builder

Certify provides the information you need to manage the business and compliance risks of using subcontractors. Certify also provides online induction programs that help subcontractors understand their responsibilities and your expectations of them – they are easily customised for your company policy and free to use.

reduce compliance costs

You no longer need to maintain contractor compliance records. Your contractors use Certify to maintain their own compliance records. Supporting documents uploaded by the contractor are checked by the Certify compliance team.

Certify automatically configures compliance requirements to a contractor’s trade work activity ensuring that your legal requirement to manage high risk activities is not overlooked.

You also have access to the online registers that contractors use to keep records of training, plant and equipment maintenance, electrical test & tag and hazardous substances.

monitor ongoing compliance

Contractors use our Onsite mobile app to conduct site risk assessments and toolbox talks. Certify gives you access to these records. You can also link them to your site details to receive email and SMS alerts when works starts and is completed.

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As a contractor

By law, both employers and workers are responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Certify provides you with the resources and tools you need to comply with the law. You get a personal web portal and the Certify Onsite mobile app that is automatically configured to your trade work activity. And the Certify compliance team checks and verifies your insurance, licence and other documents.

save time and money

Your compliance records are always available online. Builders you nominate who subscribe to Certify can access your compliance records. Any you can email them to any other builder. The Onsite mobile app is included in your annual subscription fee.

improve safety

Certify provides you with online and mobile tools you need to maintain records of training, plant and equipment maintenance, electrical test & tag services and any hazardous substances you may use. Our Onsite mobile app eliminates the paperwork associated with site risk assessments and toolbox talks, and it provides a permanent record that can be supported by GPS location, notes, pictures, audio and video.



Contractors use the Onsite mobile app to conduct site risk assessments based on their trade work activity, and to generate email and SMS safety alerts when necessary. They can also use Onsite to conduct toolbox talks and to report WHS incidents. All activities are permanently recorded in Certify where they can be accessed by builders who subscribe to Certify and are nominated by the contractor.

Onsite can also be configured to alert builders and their site supervisors by email and SMS when work starts and is completed.

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